London Fashion Week; Ong Oaj Pairam Interview AW14


Ong Oaj Pairam’s collection had to kinds of feminine looks- one for the fashionista power dresser with the perfectly tailored two piece suits and then there were elaborate evening gowns for the glamazon. The bold colours and light floaty fabrics including luxuriously silks led me to escape the grey London weather and imagine being on an island  somewhere hot and beautiful. There was also an eclectic mix of pencil, A line and box cut shapes plus a few tailored menswear outfits showing that Pairam is a multitalented designer that can create bold designs for anyone and for any occasion. Noctis caught up with him after the show and we were immediately greeted with huge hugs and smiles. Pairam is definitely the friendliest designer I have ever met and we loved chatting to him!

Ong_Oaj_Pairam4_LFWAW14_Noctis.jpg.jpg   Ong_Oaj_Pairam7_LFWAW14_Noctis.jpg.jpg

Noctis; This is only your second show so how does it compare to your first one

Pairam; It was a bit easier but it’s always a lot of hard work!

Noctis; How has your Thai background influenced your collections

Pairam; The influence can be seen in a subtle rather than obvious way as I didn’t want it to be obvious. For instance I take inspiration from the lotus flower which has a huge spiritual significance where I’m from.



Noctis; Why did you chose to set up your label in London over the other fashion capitals;

Pairam; London has a very unique cultural diversity as the mix of cultures here is something you rarely see in other places. I also think it the city where you can be the most creative. I worked in New York (for Proenza Schouler) but the fashion is more commercial there but I would love to work in Paris as I admire the couture there and it would be amazing to work on bringing more couture into my brand.


Noctis; You live in Brighton; what’s the fashion scene like there?

(Laughs) I’m not a huge fan of the Brighton fashion scene as its quite bohemian and I prefer a more polished look. Saying that Miuccia Prada said that she likes to take inspiration from things that she dislikes so I’m trying to take inspiration from it.


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